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Smooth Jazz Christmas Sax Music

Christmas Holiday Music featuring the Saxophone and Flute!

Christmas the Hymns - Favorite Hymns and Carols

Some like there Jazz Swinging and some like it Smooth. We know that music tastes can differ so we now offer great Instrumental Christmas CDs to suit just about any taste.

Christmas the Hymns is Smooth Jazz with beautiful Saxes and Flutes, and Traditional Christmas Hymns and Carols.

Christmas Hymns
is for those that like the music sweet and smooth, and their Christmas Songs familiar and traditional. Enjoy the music - Christmas the Hymns captures the Spirit of Christmas!

Listen to Smooth Jazz Christmas Sound Clips

Broadband Sample Clip (5 tracks) Here

Or listen to each favorite Christmas Carols below.

1. Deck The Halls
2. What Child is This, Away In The Manger
3. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
4. Joy To The World
5. Silent Night
6. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
7. O Holy Night
8. We Three Kings - featuring Ben Vail
9. The First Noel, It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
10. O Come All Ye Faithful

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Christmas Sax Review - Christmas Sax CD

Smooth Jazz News, Issue No.23, December 2001
Review by Jonathan Wildran

Of course it is more tempting for sax lovers to stuff their stockings with the best selling Kenny G, Dave Koz or Boney James CDs, but this smaller indie release by one of smooth jazz’s most durable saxmen is a spirited delight on par with those.

Vail and his right hand man, Rob Mullins, vary the mood nicely, from the frantic, classically tinged soprano-driven opening track “Deck The Halls” (complete with an explosive synth orchestra) to the gentle, reflective “What Child Is This.”

“God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” and “Joy To The World” balance tender soprano melodies with seductive light funk grooves.

Vail adds a sweet wistfulness to “Silent Night” by choosing to go with flute.

He opens “O Holy Night” with an ominous atmosphere featuring a distant alto flute intro before easing into the main, soft rhythmic tune on soprano.

On the cover of the disc, Vail’s “featuring Rob Mullins” credit seems to give the keyboardist an almost equal billing; the tandem is in perfect sync on the simply arranged, gorgeous piano-soprano duet of “Hark the Herald Angels Sing.”

Mullins adds some exotic chimes and percussion textures to a dreamy rendition of “We Three Kings.”

The variety will more than hold the listener’s interest even as we wonder why he’s wearing sunglasses on a project celebrating songs usually associated with cold and snow.

This CD is available through Vail’s website at

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      Smooth Jazz Christmas CD featuring the Saxophone and Flute

Smooth Jazz Christmas

Review by

For those who truly appreciate the spirit of Christmas, saxman Greg Vail has something to stuff in your stocking. CHRISTMAS - THE HYMNS, is destined to become your favorite holiday CD.

This moving album employs a traditional sensibility while remaining smooth. Smooth indeed, but mind you, this is not just another Smooth Jazz Christmas album.

You will love the jazzy versions of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen", "Joy To The World", and "We Three Kings", you will also find lovely hymns and pure traditional tunes.

Greg's holiday album features his long time friend and collaborator, keyboardist Rob Mullins. The two have created a new classic.

This is the one for wrapping the presents, drinking the cocoa and decorating the tree. Pick up a copy for yourself and your friends and family.

  $15.00 at CD Baby - Safe and Secure!

Christmas Review from Canada’s Café Jazz

Christmas 2004

Joy to the World - Greg Vail: Whether he's playing a passionate ballad or dazzling us with a charged performance, Vail remains one of contemporary music's most dynamic performers. A man of deep personal conviction, Greg brings all these elements to a wonderfully joyful rendering of the holiday classic. Enjoy!

CD: Christmas The Hymns
Label: Greg Vail Music

A Very interesting letter from the Copyright Office - United States of America


"Thank You so much for the CDs! I really enjoyed it!!!"

"Just thought I’d tell you how I found out about you! I’m a copyright examiner at the copyright office in Washington, DC.

I examined your Christmas Hymns album several weeks ago and I fell in love with the first track… couldn’t stop playing it… over and over!!! It’s so spirited and joyful!

I kept the extra CD on my desk for a while to listen to it while I wrote letters. It’s a great album!"

"I just knew I had to have your album!"

"Thanks for a great product and for the great customer service!"

Happy Holidays! Claire Gardiner

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