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Welcome to the Christmas Saxophone Music site that features great Christmas CDs, Jazz, Smooth Jazz and the Sax!

Nothing marks the Christmas Holiday Season like hearing your favorite Christmas carols or seeing all the Christmas decorations go up as Christmas approaches. For some people, it might be the smell of a Christmas tree, houses all aglow with Christmas lights or the taste of eggnog or hot coco, Christmas Eve by the fire. Sites, smells and sounds wrap up many of our favorite Christmas memories.

One of the ways you can tell Christmas is coming is by the change in music at your local stores. Christmas Music seems to proclaim "the Season is rapidly approaching" while adding a little Christmas cheer to our shopping and Holiday preparations.

I love the Christmas season and have always loved Christmas Music! I am a musician and saxophone player. When I decided to make my first CD on my own record label, I grabbed a Hymn book and went straight to the Christmas Songs.

Smooth Jazz Christmas
Sax CD Instrumentals

HEAR SAMPLE - Christmas The Hymns

My first CD on my own record label was “Christmas the Hymns”. A Smooth Jazz Christmas CD showcasing the best of the Traditional Christmas Hymns. I love this CD!

Jazz Christmas Sax CD
Traditional Jazz

HEAR SAMPLE - Is It Christmas Yet?

A few years later I did another Christmas CD. This time I choose more of the Christmas Holiday favorites and recorded them in the old school jazz tradition, with a traditional jazz combo.

Please take a minute to listen to the Christmas samples and if you like what you hear, buying CDs is easy and all transactions are secure. Order early this year and don't forget, they make great gifts too!!

I pray you have a blessed Christmas and really enjoy this special time off the year.

...for it is “The most, won-der-ful time, of the year!!”

Great Christmas Sax Songs

GO TO  GREG's CHRISTMAS FAVORITES STORE!  for MORE recommended, favorite Christmas CDs by Various Artists.

You can hear full tracks on Face Book in the Music Player on my Christmas CDs Face Book page. This is a public page and has links to iTunes to buy a track if you really like one!

I also have a My Space page - Mr. Christmas Saxophone - with a music player full of tracks to listen to, pics, video and more!



Merry Christmas 2011


Christmas Hymns
Smooth Jazz, Christmas Sax Carols with Traditional Christmas Hymns - featuring the Smooth Jazz Sax and Flute of Greg Vail. Pop Instrumental Christmas CD - Soprano Sax, Alto Sax and Flutes.

read more... Smooth Jazz Christmas Instrumentals and Traditional Hymns featuring the Sax and Flute

Smooth Jazz Christmas Instrumentals and Traditional Hymns featuring the Sax and Flute
Is It Christmas Yet?
If you like your Jazz Traditional, this CD is for you! Jazz Christmas Holiday favorites with some swinging Saxophones, B3 Jazz Organ and Jazz Guitar. Old School sound and a fresh, modern recording of Christmas Season jazz favorites.


More Classic Jazz

Christmas CDs - Jazz Vocals / Instrumentals

Check out the Classic Christmas CDs by the great singers in Jazz, fun Instrumental Christmas CDs, and more Christmas Sax CDs by other great saxophone players in jazz.

After you check out some of Greg Vail's Christmas CDs, check out the BIG list of Christmas CDs available on Amazon and CD Baby. I put this list together and each CD has Christmas Songs listed on that disc, artists listed, and links to check out and listen to these CDs! Enjoy this Christmas! And get in the spirit with a few NEW CDs from the past, and don't forget to listen to a Greg Vail CD while your at it. Blessings to all...


Smooth Jazz Christmas


Christmas Saxophone Music on the Socials

My Space - Mr Christmas Saxophone
Face Book - Christmas CDs
Both pages are public and contain full songs -
Christmas CD tracks from Greg Vail Sax CDs,
pictures, video, info and more...

Look at the Christmas Sax Gallery posted on Saxophone.us
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